Who Are We?

With over 27 years of experience serving the chemical needs of our friends and customers, CSGI is a chemical marketing firm in close association with production, storage, transportation, and financial partners. Our mission is to provide high quality chemicals at world market prices. Long-term business relationships with chemical manufacturers and customers throughout the world are the foundation of this business. Service and attention to customer needs create an atmosphere of mutual growth.

Markets served are cleaning compounds, paper, resins, water treatment, textile, carpet, food, and pharmaceutical.

Core Products include: 

Acids      Acetic








                  Caustic Soda microprills*
                  Maleic Anhydride*
                  Phosphorous Compounds
                  Diammonium Phosphate

                Dipotassium Phosphate

                Disodium Phosphate

                Monosodium Phosphate

                Sodium Hexametaphosphate

                Sodium Tripolyphosphate light*, medium, heavy

                Sodium Tripolyphosphate FCC

                     Tetrasodium Pyrophophate

                Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate*

                Trisodium Phosphate*
                  Potassium Carbonate
                  Potassium Hydroxide
                  Sodium Benzoate
                  Sodium Citrate*
                  Sodium Erythorbate
                  Sodium Hydrosulfite
                  Sodium Perborate*
                  Sodium Percarbonate* 

                                                     Thiourea Dioxide*

                                                     Urea, Prilled

                                                Urea, Granular

*=Stored at Savannah, GA. Other listed products available from other stock points including Charlotte, NC, Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA, Lenoir, NC, and Newark, NJ. Please see technical data sheets for details.


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Sales:  20 Buckingham Court, Cartersville GA 30120 * (770) 386-3555 * (770) 386-2009

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